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Dumpster Rental Terms & Conditions

All boxes are payable in advance, prior to delivery. We accept credit and debit card payments over the phone or payments can be made at our office located at 8001 Table Rock Road in White City. Your acknowledgement and acceptance of all terms & conditions is required prior to box delivery.

  1. No hazardous waste or asbestos of any kind or any amount is allowed. All construction demolition boxes MUST have asbestos abatement certification on file in our office, PRIOR to box delivery.
  2. The following conditions must be met before we can empty and/or remove a rented box:
    1. **VERY IMPORTANT** Dirt, rock, concrete, brick, glass, pumice block and composition 3-tab roofing, as well as other various construction debris, are considered compact waste. Special rates, box sizes and load levels apply and are determined by the type and weight of material.
    2. For Example: 10 yard compact boxes can be filled with most compact debris but not all. A few exceptions are: dirt, rock, brick, gravel, sand can ONLY be filled up to 7yds in a 10 yard box. Additionally, due to weight restrictions, these heavy materials are not accepted at all in a 20 yard box.
    3. Load is to be level at the top of the box OR specified "fill mark" — not the cross bar above the gates.
    4. No liquids, no paints.
    5. No tanks, barrels or 55-gallon drums that have not been properly prepared for disposal.
    6. No tires, air conditioners, large appliances, hot water heaters.
    7. No electronic waste: computers, monitors, towers, laptops, TVs, etc.
    8. No automobile/motorcycle parts.
  3. An additional “trip charge” may apply when scheduled box hauls or deliveries are not cancelled in advance by calling our office at 541.779.4161. This call must be made BEFORE the driver is scheduled to arrive.
  4. Because we did not decide the location of the drop box on your property, we cannot be responsible for any accident or damages that may occur during the time the drop box is delivered or placed, or any damage sustained as a result of Rogue Disposal using the private driveway to provide service.
  5. If any unacceptable items are found in the box, the customer is responsible for all costs and fines for proper disposal. The load is to be level to the “fill mark” and the customer is responsible for any overload citations.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance regarding all of the above.