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Wildfire Debris Disposal Resources

This is a page dedicated to helping our customers and the communities we serve find information related to wildfire cleanup — including the proper disposal of wildfire debris.

Important steps to follow for the safe disposal of wildfire debris

Cleaning up after a wildfire is an emotional evolution, but also involves immediate and long-term physical health risks. At Dry Creek Landfill and the Transfer Station in White City, the safety of our customers, employees and community is of utmost importance.

Wildfire debris can contain a wide variety of hazardous materials — everything from easily inhaled soot particles and asbestos to toxic amounts of heavy metals, such as arsenic, lead and mercury. And household items — like propane tanks, air conditioners, batteries, cleaning products and pesticides — may be hazardous or require specific handling and disposal. So to keep everyone safe, there are special requirements for the transportation and disposal of wildfire debris.

Do You Own a Commercial Property?

If you own a Commercial Property, be sure to see the special handling instructions for disposing of special waste. You can also download and complete our Special Waste Form before setting out for either of our disposal locations.

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Step 1: Download Forms and Test Materials

Before coming to one our sites, be sure you have visited this page, downloaded and completed the proper forms as well as tested your materials. The best place to start is with our Wildfire Debris Disposal Checklist — with a complete listing of what's required before you bring wildfire-damaged materials to one of our facilities for proper disposal. (Note: all materials require testing, to learn more about testing, click here).

Step 2: Email Us the Forms

In order to ensure you take your materials to the proper location, please submit your testing results and paperwork via email to

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Step 3: If Approved, We'll Email an Approval Letter

If your load is approved, we will provide specific information to direct you to the correct location.