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Environmental Initiatives

As a forward-thinking company built on innovation, Rogue Disposal & Recycling works hard to implement practical, effective technologies that improve and protect the environment. From our closed loop RNG story to environmental initiatives for clean air, clean energy and community stewardship, these programs are central to who we are.

Completing the circle

There’s a clean energy revolution happening across the Rogue Valley. A system has been developed to capture the biogas that naturally occurs from landfill trash as it decomposes. One day, a refined version of this biogas — known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) — will be used to power the very fleet that picks up trash at your house each week and brings it to the landfill. This is our vision for a closed loop system. It’s clean energy. It’s renewable energy. And you can see how it works in our informative, interactive graphic. For even more information, check out our Bold New Vision.

Explore The Loop

A Closed Loop System

Landfill Waste

When the organic materials in solid waste decompose, they create a biogas that can be refined to produce Renewable Natural Gas, or RNG

Biogas Wells

At our Dry Creek Landfill, we have installed a well-field of vertical and horizontal gas wells that capture biogas from decomposing trash.


Currently, the biogas is used to create electricity through generators. In the future, the biogas will be cleaned and conditioned, leaving behind a very high concentration of methane known as Renewable Natural Gas.

Fuel Stations

To support our shift to clean-burning CNG vehicles and encourage the development and conversion of other fleets in the valley, Rogue Clean Fuels recently completed construction of a public CNG fueling station in White City.


By 2023, the bulk of our trash and recycling fleet — some 36 trucks strong — will be fully converted to run on natural gas — eventually fueled with Renewable Natural Gas from the Dry Creek Landfill.

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Rogue’s Environmental Commitment

  • Clean Air
  • Clean Energy
  • Community Stewardship

Our environmental initiatives are divided into three categories. Look for the corresponding icon to learn more about that topic.

A Bold New Vision

Our forward-thinking new plan to achieve a greater level of energy independence and the next level of air quality improvement for the Rogue Valley.

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