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Recycling Depot

The Recycling Depot area is where you can drop-off a variety of common recyclables β€” including some that are not accepted in our curbside recycling program.

When you turn off Table Rock Road, follow the signs to the Recycling Depot. Once there, you will see clearly marked areas for each type of recyclable materials we accept.

Items that CAN be dropped off at the Recycling Depot

  • Corrugated Cardboard: the kind with the wavy center (no pizza boxes)
  • Milk Jug Style Containers: clear or white, rinsed out, no lids
  • Newspaper and Inserts: no magazines
  • Tin and Aluminum Cans: rinsed out, no lids
  • Glass Bottles and Jars: any color, up to one gallon, rinsed out, no lids, labels are OK
  • High Grade Paper: office paper and mail (no magazines or catalogs)
  • Plastics #1: bottles and jugs only
  • Plastics #2: bottles and jugs only

Certain plastic bottles and jugs can be dropped off here for recycling

To make sure your plastic bottles and jugs will be accepted, follow these simple steps:

  • Check the neck: neck of the bottle must be smaller than the base
  • Check the number: #1 and #2 bottles and jugs only
  • Keep them separate: #1 bottles, #2 bottles, no lids
  • Keep them clean: bottles must be rinsed out, no lids

Tubs, clamshell containers and plastic bags of any kind β€” even if they have the #1 or #2 chasing arrows symbol β€” will not be accepted. Plastic bottles with any numbers other than #1 or #2 can not be dropped off.

Other items that CAN be recycled at the Recycling Depot β€” some require a fee

  • Antifreeze (accepted for a fee): place in unbreakable container with tight fitting screw-cap lid, maximum size 1 gallon
  • Appliances (accepted for a fee): no industrial or commercial refrigerators, washers or dryers
  • Batteries: car and truck lead-acid batteries only, no alkaline or rechargeable batteries accepted
  • E-Waste: TVs, computers, laptops, tablets, desktop printers and computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard) can be recycled β€” up to seven per visit at no cost, learn more
  • Fluorescent Tubes (accepted for a fee): these contain hazardous material and should not be thrown in the trash
  • Metals: ferrous metals (metal that sticks to a magnet), including cast iron, wrought iron, steel and stainless steel, barbeques (remove any non-metal parts) as well as non-ferrous metals
  • Motor Oil: place in unbreakable container with tight fitting screw-cap lid, maximum size 1 gallon, maximum of 10 gallons per visit
  • Propane Tanks (up to seven gallons, accepted for a fee)
  • Tires (accepted for a fee): prices vary by size and whether or not rim is included

Not sure if your material is recyclable? When in doubt, find out! If you have any questions while you’re on-site, please check with someone in the Customer Service Center or a Pay Attendant when you arrive.