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Glass Drop-Off Options

Recycling processors now consider glass in the commingled stream to be a contaminant. That’s why it has to be completely separated and can no longer be part of our curbside commingled recycling. There are a variety of options throughout the area for dropping off glass for recycling.

Preparing Your Glass for Drop Off

  • Bottles and Jars, Any Color, Up to 1 Gallon In Size

  • Rinse Out to Remove Any Liquids or Food

  • No Lids

  • Labels Are OK

User Guide

Parking Lot Glass Depots

You’ll find Rogue Disposal & Recycling glass depots in the parking lots of several area businesses. You can drop off glass bottles and jars, any color, up to one gallon in size. Please note that glassware (drinking and wine glasses), window glass and lightbulbs of any kind can NOT go into the recycling depot.

Photo locations glass depot recylcing

Drop off your glass bottles and jars at these glass depot locations:

Transfer Station

You can also drop off glass bottles and jars, any color, up to 1 gallon in size, at the Transfer Station in White City.

Photo locations glass depot

Drop off your glass bottles and jars at:

BottleDrop Redemption Center

Thanks to changes in the Oregon Bottle Bill program, most redeemable glass beverage containers can be returned for a 10¢ deposit at the Medford BottleDrop Center (no wine bottles). In addition, redeemable plastic and metal beverage containers can also be returned for 10¢ each.

Photo locations glass depot redemption

Drop off your redeemable glass beverage containers at:

The Following Can't Be Recycled

No Drinking Glasses

No Wine Glasses

No Window Glass

No Lightbulbs

Transfer Station

Are you new to using the Transfer Station or need to know some specifics? Get your questions answered and take advantage of the Transfer Station like a pro after visiting the main Transfer Station webpage.

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