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Whether you're looking for ways to minimize waste, ideas on how to recycle smarter or things you can do to help the environment, this section is your educational resource.

A New Use For Old Leaves

Every autumn, as cold weather approaches, trees begin to shed their leaves. Here in the Rogue Valley, that typically happens in mid-October through late December.

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Safely Disposing of Fire Debris

Cleaning up after a wildfire is an emotional evolution, but also involves immediate and long-term physical health risks. The safety of our customers, employees and community is of utmost importance, and its im portant to know that wildfire debris can contain many types of hazardous materials,

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Understanding Greenwashing: What it is and how to spot it.

Have you ever seen a product in the store that says it’s recyclable but you can’t believe it is? Odds are it’s not.

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Have petrochemical companies used recycling to make more plastic?

Have petrochemical companies used recycling to make more plastic? Learn the decades-old dirty secret on the PBS Frontline special report: Plastic Wars.

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Watch The Story of Plastic on The Discovery Channel

From city streets to the arctic ice sheets, plastic pollution has reached every corner of the globe.

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Exploring "The Great Recycling Con"

For a generation now, we’ve been told that plastics of all types can be recycled.

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Oregon retailers and restaurants say goodbye to single-use plastic bags.

The Sustainable Shopping Initiative begins January 1, 2020. Under a bill approved by the Oregon legislature this past summer, grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants will no longer be able to provide customers with single-use plastic bags.

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Want to become a Master Recycler?

Are you passionate about preventing waste, increasing recycling, conserving natural resources and making a difference right here in our area? If so, you should consider becoming a Jackson County Master Recycler. Our volunteer team of waste prevention ambassadors work within their communities to cultivate public awareness and support a variety of projects and programs related to recycling. As a master recycler, you will share your knowledge and motivate others to make resource conservation a way of life.

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Tackling the Top 4 contaminants!

In order to find markets for commingled recyclable materials, it’s crucial that the materials be as contaminant-free as possible.

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How other communities are rethinking recycling

Over the past two decades, China has become the main international market for processing recyclable materials. Everything from paper and plastics to glass, cardboard and magazines made their way from curbside in the United States (and other countries) to sprawling facilities in China.

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